Burp Suite: Repeater | Tryhackme Walkthrough

Rahul Kumar
13 min readNov 18, 2023

Learn how to use Repeater to duplicate requests in Burp Suite.


Welcome to the Burp Suite Repeater room!

In this room, we will explore the advanced capabilities of the Burp Suite framework by focusing on the Burp Suite Repeater module. Building upon the foundational knowledge covered in the Burp Basics room, we will delve into the powerful features of the Repeater tool. You will learn how to manipulate and resend captured requests, and we will explore the various options and functionalities available in this exceptional module. Throughout the room, we will provide practical examples, including a real-world exercise, to solidify your understanding of the concepts discussed.

If you are new to Burp Suite or have not completed the Burp Basics room, we recommend doing so before proceeding. The Burp Basics room establishes the fundamental knowledge necessary for this room and will enhance your learning experience.

Deploy the target VM attached to this task by pressing the green Start Machine button. Also, start the AttackBox by pressing the blue Start AttackBox button at the top of this room if you are not using your own machine. Then, start Burp and follow along with the next tasks.

What is Repeater?

Before using Burp Suite Repeater, let’s familiarize ourselves with its purpose and functionality.

In essence, Burp Suite Repeater enables us to modify and resend intercepted requests to a target of our choosing. It allows us to take requests captured in the Burp Proxy and manipulate them, sending them repeatedly as needed. Alternatively, we can manually create requests from scratch, similar to using a command-line tool like cURL.

The ability to edit and resend requests multiple times makes Repeater invaluable for manual exploration and testing of endpoints. It provides a user-friendly graphical interface for crafting request payloads and offers various views of the response, including a rendering engine for a graphical representation.

The Repeater interface consists of six main sections, as depicted in the annotated diagram below:

  1. Request List: Located at the top



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