Burp Suite: The Basics | Tryhackme Walkthrough

Rahul Kumar
21 min readNov 17, 2023

An introduction to using Burp Suite for web application pentesting.


Welcome to Burp Suite Basics!

This particular room aims to understand the basics of the Burp Suite web application security testing framework. Our focus will revolve around the following key aspects:

  1. A thorough introduction to Burp Suite.
  2. A comprehensive overview of the various tools available within the framework.
  3. Detailed guidance on the process of installing Burp Suite on your system.
  4. Navigating and configuring Burp Suite.

We will also introduce the core of the Burp Suite framework, which is the Burp Proxy. It is important to note that this room primarily serves as a foundational resource for acquiring knowledge about Burp Suite. Subsequent rooms in the Burp module will adopt a more practical approach. Thus, this room will contain a greater emphasis on theoretical content. If you have not yet utilised Burp Suite, it is recommended to carefully read the provided information and actively engage with the tool. Experimentation is essential for grasping the fundamentals of this framework. Combining the information presented here with hands-on exploration will establish a strong foundation for utilising the framework. This will significantly assist you in future rooms.

What is Burp Suite

In essence, Burp Suite is a Java-based framework designed to serve as a comprehensive solution for conducting web application penetration testing. It has become the industry standard tool for hands-on security assessments of web and mobile applications, including those that rely on application programming interfaces (APIs).

Simply put, Burp Suite captures and enables manipulation of all the HTTP/HTTPS traffic between a browser and a web server. This fundamental capability forms the backbone of the framework. By intercepting requests, users have the flexibility to route them to various components within the Burp Suite framework, which we will explore in upcoming sections. The ability to intercept, view, and modify web requests before they reach the target server or even manipulate responses before they are received by our browser makes Burp Suite an invaluable tool for manual web application testing.



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