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Rahul Kumar
9 min readSep 6, 2023

Learn the principles of information security that secures data and protects systems from abuse


The following room is going to outline some of the fundamental principles of information security. The frameworks used to protect data and systems to the elements of what exactly makes data secure.

The measures, frameworks and protocols discussed throughout this room all play a small part in “Defence in Depth.”

Defence in Depth is the use of multiple varied layers of security to an organisation’s systems and data in the hopes that multiple layers will provide redundancy in an organisation’s security perimeter.

The CIA Triad

The CIA triad is an information security model that is used in consideration throughout creating a security policy. This model has an extensive background, ranging from being used in 1998.

This history is because the security of information (information security) does not start and/or end with cybersecurity, but instead, applies to scenarios like filing, record storage, etc.

Consisting of three sections: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA), this model has quickly become an industry standard today. This model should help determine the value of data that it applies to, and in turn, the attention it needs from the business.

The CIA triad is unlike a traditional model where you have individual sections; instead, it is a continuous cycle. Whilst the three elements to the CIA triad can arguably overlap, if even just one element is not met, then the other two are rendered useless (similar to the fire triangle). If a security policy does not answer these three sections, it is seldom an effective security policy.

Whilst the three elements to the CIA triad are arguably self-explanatory, let’s explore these and contextualise them into cybersecurity.


This element is the protection of data from unauthorized access and misuse. Organisations will always have some form of sensitive data stored on their systems. To provide confidentiality is to protect this data from parties that it is not intended for.



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